While reading a novel written a British author or watching a British movie or television show, you might come across terms you may have never heard before. Getting to know those slang terms will help you speak English with native speakers effortlessly. Moreover, it can take your English-speaking class practices to the next level. Here we bring you some of the most common British slang words and their meaning with examples. 1. Sloshed It’s an informal way of describing being drunk and trashed. Example: He drank a lot of wine and got sloshed. 2. Soz A short-term for sorry. Example: Soz, I couldn’t make it to the party last night. 3. Kip To sleep or to take a quick nap. Example: Nathan worked so hard in the field, and Nancy told him to take a kip for a couple of hours. 4. Dodgy Something very dangerous, unreliable and risky. Example: He suspected that there was something a bit dodgy going on. 5. Hunky-dory A fun way of saying everything is fine. Example: Everything must be hunky-dory in your place, right? 6. Bugger all Nothing at all. Example: You may not like paying for the insurance. But there is bugger all you can do about it. 7. Ledge It’s a short word for legend. It’s someone who is well-known or has done something great. Example: Jeez, Tony was a ledge during his college days. 8. All to pot When a plan fails or falls apart because lack of care or effort. Example: Williams failed miserably in the written test, and his plans to get selected for the job went all to pot. 9. Wicked A typical meaning is evil, but it’s also used for something excellent and great, often as an exclamation. Example: Yesterday’s match was wicked awesome bro. 10. Banter Making fun of friends using exaggerations, sarcasm, and offensive words, but all in good fun. Example: Boy: I hope you don’t come back from the trip. Girl: Hey! Boy: Cool down! It’s just banter! 11. Canny Referring to a person who is clever and able to think quickly. Example: He made a lot of money in the stock market. He is a canny lad. 12, Gaff It’s another word for a person’s home or flat. Example: Susee spent the night at Jonathan’s gaff. 13. Jiffy It’s a well-known term denoting short period of time. Example: We’ll have your Pizza ready in a jiffy. 14. Peng Something or someone very attractive and beautiful. Example: I saw a girl on the street, she was peng. 15. Barmy A crazy or foolish idea. Example: Your plan to hit the gym on Friday after college is absolutely barmy. 16. Naff It’s something that looks cheap, worthless, poorly made, or unfashionable. Example: That shirt is so naff. Can you try something else in the store? 17. Loo Another term for toilet. Example: He went to the loo 30 minutes before and never returned. 18. Fancy This is used to express a desire or something you want to do. Example: When a friend invites you for a dinner, instead of saying, “Shall we go for dinner?”, they may say, “Fancy a dinner?” 19. Knackered Feeling extremely tired or exhausted. Example: I’m knackered, and I don’t think I can join you for dinner. 20. Boss Generally, boss is known as a leader, supervisor, or someone in charge. In the UK, they also use this to describe something cool. Example: Hey! That concert was so boss! That girl in the crowd is so boss. 21. Cheeky It’s a word to describe someone who says or does something disrespectful, cheap, or irrelevant. Example: Boy: Hey, your outfit looks so cheap, and you look so out of fashion. Girl: Hey! Don’t be so cheeky! 22. Grafting It’s the action of working hard to get the romantic attention of the opposite sex. Trying to flirt with someone, hoping the person will like you back. Example: Did all your grafting yield any result finally? You’ve been chatting with that girl for over a month. 23. Waffle To talk continuously without any purpose just to pass the time. Example: He was waffling over what happened at the conference. 24. Cuppa It’s a short version of ‘cup of tea’. Example: Would you like to have a cuppa? 25. Mate It’s a popular UK slang term used to refer to someone as a friend. Example: Hello, mate! Good to see you again! 26. Rubbish Rubbish generally means trash, but it is used in the UK to denote a negative feeling or emotion. Example: Stop talking rubbish! I feel rubbish when I think about what he did to me last night. 27. Bloke It’s an informal way of saying a boy, man, or an individual. It’s equivalent to dude. Example: Robert is a nice bloke. 28. Nosh Nosh means food or a meal. Example: Let’s have some nosh! I’ve been hungry for a long time. 29. Blimey Used for expressing surprise when seeing something so impressive. Example: Blimey! Look what he has done! 30. Ace To be brilliant or great at something. It’s often used in Liverpool. Example: She is ace at making coffee. 31. Cracking Something very good and fabulous Example: I went to Italy last year. It was a cracking trip. 32. Mint It’s used to describe something good, especially referring to the conditions. Example: Mate! Your new bike is mint! 33. Brill It’s a short term for brilliant. Example: Your English fluency is brill. You must have learned it from English With Janet. Did you enjoy these British slang words? Knowing these will help you interact with native speakers and practice the English language effectively. If you’re looking for cracking English lessons, sign up for our email alerts and get the latest updates. Happy Learning!